“That’s an interesting rumour. I don’t know if I can confirm or deny that, but what I will say is that I did hang out with One Direction in London. It sounds completely generic to say, but I’m always impressed or extremely happy when I end up in the same room with a band who are at the stage of nuclear explosion in their career and they’re so normal it almost turns you off. Like, “How are you not more messed up right now? I’m looking for syringes, where are they?” [Suddenly] Yes, we did do something is the truth. I can’t say what it’s for, though.” — Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic on One Direction + (via quitespecial)


@HilaryDuff: I got way too excited to eat soup last night and I’m pretty sure I have 3rd degree burns on the roof of my mouth :(


*lawyer voice* eat a dick, your honor





Can the science side of tumblr explain why my ass itch

wash your fucking ass

Wash your attitude

@zaynmalik: What did the baby chicken say to the mother chicken ?…Hi momma ! Aha :D